Vaughan Mason


Developed in South Africa, evolving in the world.

Passionate about life, coding and the Sharks.

Currently residing in Papua New Guinea, with my gorgeous wife.

Married to an amazing girl, Jenna, who I am sharing my life with. We are following our dreams and doing the things that make us happy. Jenna and I moved to PNG on June 2013. We are enjoying meeting people that we would have never been exposed to previously.

I grow up in Durban, with a brief stint in Swaziland. Went to school at Kearsney College and university at Rhodes. Think I need most of my growing at Rhodes, my life changed there. As I meet Jenna at Rhodes and found my passion for technology at Rhodes. Completing my Honour in Information Systems

We moved to JHB after Rhodes and started our careers. Making new friends and growing as a couple. Got married in 2012.
After 5 years in JHB we decided we needed a change of pace, enter PNG. We have had a great time, using the time to travel and better ourselves.

Looking forward to the next challenges in life.

I have just been Certified as a Scuba Open Water diver, and will be enjoying the waters around PNG.

I also enjoy being outdoors, snorkelling, cycling (not as much as I use to) and exploring.

Then there is my passion for IT, so bit of a gadget geek (plan on moving away from Apple thou) and just messing around with code and IT related stuff

One thing about my work is that I make sure I am enjoying what I am doing. I might not like it everyday but if the general direction of my work is enjoyable than I am going to stick with it. I have a love of working with data, building solution and solving problems. Problem solving is a big part, as I enjoy coming up with ways to resolve complex issues.

I'm a Microsoft Certified Solution Associate in SQL Server 2012, what this means is that I can basically do a lot with SQL. Took me a bit longer to get it then I originally planned but achieved it in the end. Moving onto the next level now, just unsure of the focus Data Platform or Business Intelligence.

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