This is version 2 (I’ll keep score as I change this.)
Defining Me
Who am I
Lets start this again, cause I am finding it difficult to explain about myself and that has always been an issue.

If I had to define myself by my work I would like to consider myself an up and coming data scientist (look it up it exists). Love working with data and uncovering things that were previously overlooked or not considered.

Non work related, I am a loving husband and a “Die Hard” rugby supporter, Sharks and Springboks. I would consider myself a geek as I enjoy most things that are related to that term.

Current Location: Port Moresby
Superhero Marvel: Spiderman
Superhero DC: Batman

This blog might sometimes get technical as I feel I need to express what I have learnt. Most of all it is just an account of who I am.

Vaughan Mason