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New Website Creation Stage 1

My new website design process has begun. Trying to reorganize my internet presence seems to be a very time consuming exercise. So at the beginning of the year I wanted to have a website and a blog up and running. This has taken a bit more time and a little bit of delay, mainly due to my changing of jobs and the lack of time I had with handing over the one and getting all the paperwork completed for the other. But that is all behind me now.

So bought my URL (my third actual) a few years ago now,, this was going to be the start of my personalized online adventure. This was also a way for me to develop my HTML skills and design ability, as working with data mainly I tended to forget about how things look and just focus on the numbers. So the website remained a little dormant for a while, just had a cover page which I whipped up in an afternoon. Then at the beginning of this year, 2014, I decided a blog would be a great idea as well. After a lot of research settled on WordPress, This was not suiting my ultimate design as it was disconnected from my actual domain.

So back to the virtual drawing board.

Then a little bit more research, I decided to adjust my Afrihost account from a windows based hosting environment to a Linux based one. This resulted in wordpress being able to be installed onto the website and run from my domain. That was very easy and shocked me with the simplest of the whole exercise. The next part was moving all the content from WordPress to my own domain. Luckily this was easy as well as there is an export button on the wordpress admin site.

So very painless.

Now to begin the re-branding of my actual website. I choose to scrap the entire content of the previous website as it was all over the place and I lacked the enthusiasm to go through and figure out what I did previous. New plan put a website launch date on a development page so that I get the kick up the ass I need and launch a page. This has been done and come out pretty well.

Continuing with my goal of building an HTML5 page, I got my folder structure working first. Creating the folders for the CSS, images and JavaScript (might need a bit of code later). Then I proceeded to design a logo, which symbolize my development in Africa (which has a nice ring website is developed by me who was developed in Africa). Used a bit of CSS to get the layout working correctly and then a bit of JavaScript to calculate the date.

All and all pretty satisfied with the result.
Now just to complete the actual website.