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Connecting iPhone to Windows 8.1

So I need to get pictures from my iPhone to my Windows 8.1 OS. Tried using the Bluetooth and that was not finding my phone and I really get annoyed trying to do that integration, should be simple but is not. So hit a wall a little bit and need a solution, enter SkyDrive….

What is SkyDrive? Well it is the iCloud, Google Drive equivalent on Windows, place where you can store you documents, pictures and other info and sync between devices. But wait you have an iPhone, so how is it going to sync. This is where the app comes in, SkyDrive App for iPhone. Downloaded from the iTunes app store (Link at bottom of Page)

Using the same account I used in setting up my Windows machine (outlook.com) and added it to the login on the App, I have now created a link between my iPhone and Windows. There are a whole bunch of options that can be configured, the one I would recommend turning off if you do not have a lot of data/bandwidth like I do is the Camera Backup as this will save all your pictures you take automatically to the SkyDrive.

So moving a picture from my iPhone to Windows:

1.Download App
2.Open AppOpenApp
3.Click the 3 ooo to get optionsooAdd
4.Then select add item:AddItem
5.File will be uploaded
6.Access File from SkyDrive on your Windows OS

Think this is the easiest way as you can upload pictures any time and then access them.
Side note: Whilst creating the pictures on my phone used an App called Skitch to add the arrows, created by Evernote and is pretty cool. Link below.

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